About CMFI

The Children’s Music Foundation assists in the creation, enhancement, and continuation of high-quality, accessible, non-competitive, sustainable comprehensive instrumental music education programs designed to develop children musically and cognitively from an early age. Primarily, the Foundation facilitates the expansion of these programs through fund raising and promotion, and by encouraging the development of teacher training & certification, student certification and early music education research.

Our Mission

Helping to provide children and youth worldwide with high quality, innovate Music Education programs.

Our Vision

Promoting Music Education and Technology as the cornerstones of the 21st century classroom, for the purpose of helping children and youth worldwide discover their true creative potential and achieve academic, and life success.

Core Values of the Children’s Music Foundation International

  • Recognizing Music Education, as the key to unlocking and accelerating cognitive development in children and youth, and by extension, greatly enhancing their academic potential.
  • Striving to foster the creation and implementation of high quality, innovative, sustainable, and culturally relevant Music Education programming for children and youth.
  • Ensuring Music Education programming supported by the foundation is accessible to all children.
  • Supporting the development and delivery of high quality teacher training, mentorship and certification in Music Education.

We support Music Education programs that are designed to improve quality of life through development of the mind, emotional intelligence, creativity, self-confidence, and cognition, which in turn fosters improved academic results. 

We endorse the use effective interactive tools to facilitate the most efficient, reliable development of successive levels of music literacy, musicianship, and instrumental skill development. 

It is our belief that using these high quality modern practice tools in the home between classes, results in more reliable and consistent skill improvement, increases and extents engagement, strengthens connections between home and school.