CMFI Partners in the Music Challenge

The Music Challenge is an exciting opportunity to create a legacy of support for achievement in your community. Each quality instrumental music program supported by Children’s Music Foundation is initiated and sustained in large part because of active and generous partners in the local community. 

Children’s Music Foundation provides innovative programs, modern interactive tools and teacher training, all of which are facilitated by community support that helps address initial capital costs and helps sustains ongoing child and youth participation.

Children’s Music Foundation is pleased to acknowledge the partners below who are instrumental in delivering these high quality, sustainable music programs. 

Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada
Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Halifax
Halifax City Council
The Halifax Music Coop
El Sistema Halifax
Preston Area Boys & Girls Club
Truro Boys & Girls Club
Truro City Council
Yarmouth Boys & Girls Club
Sydney Boys & Girls Club
Toronto Kiwanis Boys and Girls Clubs
East Scarborough Boys and Girls Clubs
East Neighbourhood Boys and Girls Clubs
Albion Boys and Girls Clubs
St. Alban's Boys and Girls Clubs
Victoria Conservatory of Music
Telus Mobility