Membership & Certification

The Academy offers membership in the Collegium to all instructors who complete certification through the Academy, or by invitation by the Collegium Academic Advisory Council, or the CMFI Board of Directors. In order for instructors to teach CMFI Academy Curricula, such as the MusIQ Connect program, they must be members of the Academy Collegium. This ensures that all Music Education programming offered through the CMFI is delivered with a consistent high quality of instruction.

Certification Levels

Membership to the Collegium as Instructor, Senior Instructor, or Mentor Instructor.

  • Instructor denotes an entry level instructor who is trained and certified as an Academy Instructor, and thus able to teach the programs they have been specifically trained to teach. Entry to this level will be through the appropriate training course(s) and certification by the Academy.
  • Senior Instructor denotes an existing Academy Instructor whose teaching is exemplary, and selected by the Advisory Council Chair (CMFI Chief Academic Officer) for observation by student teachers.
  • Mentor Instructor denotes a Senior Instructor who has gained the minimum amount of successful teaching experience as determined by the Advisory Council Chair through recommendation from the Advisory Council, and is recommended to take the Mentor Level teacher training course, and when passed, certified as “Mentor Instructor” to train new student teachers.

Membership to the Collegium as member of Faculty

An experienced Mentor Instructor may apply for membership to the Collegium Faculty, conditions of acceptance to be determined by the Academic Advisory Committee Chair via recommendation from the Council. No additional training courses are usually required, however teaching experience plays a major role. The CMFI Chief Academic Officer, or Board of Directors may elect to offer Faculty membership to any existing music teacher who is not a member of the Academy.